We want you to feel comfortable in your skin!

Modern Dermatology offers a variety of methods for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, without obvious changes or even disfiguring in the natural features of the patient. Small vessels can be effectively removed without bleeding with the vascular laser. Age spots caused by sun on back of hands, face or neck area are also „released from the skin“ with the la- ser in one sitting, without anesthesia or patches

If the patient requests a wrinkle treatment or even a scar correction of acne scars, either a contour improvement can be achieved with a fractionated laser or even an abrasion of the skin can be performed with an Erbium-Yag laser. The latter requires dressing changes over a period of one week, since the skin is „peeled off“ with the laser and takes time to recover.

The success of each treatment depends not only on the choice of the correct device. Advice on the desired performance and the individual approach of patients complete the entire treatment.