(14-19 day individual program)

The so-called „White-Spot-Disease“
The medical term for suddenly occurring loss of pigment in the skin is vitiligo. The disease is
widespread. One percent of the population suffers from this condition. If the loss of pigment
appears on the face, the hands or the décolleté, it often goes along with a strong impairment
of the quality of life for those affected. For more than ten years, the targeted irradiation with
an excimer laser is considered the world‘s most successful therapy. When we first introduced
the laser for treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis in Germany in 2002, we were the European
pioneers. After 20 radiation treatments, structure of skin pigmentation shows a great
improvement in the majority of patients.
We treat every vitiligo patient individually with pre-evaluated radiation doses.
For this treatment with use a specially developed Phenylallenin-Khellin-Solution and if
requested, the famous Micrografting procedure.