Skin cancer prevention

Skin cancer prevention, skin cancer detection, skin cancer treatment (7 day program)

Figures on the development of skin cancer and skin cancer precursors are alarming: Every year 200,000 people suffer from skin cancer worldwide. With regards to white skin cancer the figures are as high as about three million people per year. 25 percent of the over 40 year-olds already show actinic keratoses.These solar light crusts are the precursors to white skin cancer.

Professor Ockenfels has designed a special dermatological prevention therapy concept for active amateur athletes, top athletes and other individuals frequently and increasingly exposed to the sun and who also reside in sunnier regions of the world during the European winter months.This was preceded by extensive studies, in which it was shown that athletes have an increased risk of skin cancer. For example, golfers have a 3.5-fold increased risk for developing skin cancer precursors and white skin cancer. 

Our unique approach of prevention is based on four pillars:

1. Determining the individual risk and detection of vulnerabilities in the skin using camera systems specially developed for this purpose. After treatment with liposomal alanine solution, earliest precursors can already be detected.

2. We are one of the first clinics to also have a confocal laser microscope. Using this microscope, removal of skin samples is avoided.The laser microscope reflects each cell back into the skin and allows the examining physician an immediate reliable diagnosis in real time, whether it be a skin cancer precursor, age spot or incipient black skin cancer.
The laser microscope ensures instant recognition.

3. Precursors and incipient white skin cancers can be removed quickly and effectively either with Erbium-Yag laser or photodynamic therapy light irradiation.

4. According to the investigations 1-3, an individual therapy and prevention concept is developed, which also the includes UV protection depending on the respective training location and the respective training time. Here, the UV protection and the correct handling of the sun is shown by a UV pass. 

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