Inflammatory Skin Diseases


Acne and acne-like skin disorders (rosacea, cosmetic acne) are the result of non-infective bacteria causing the inflammation of the pores and sebaceous glands. People who suffer from acne also have blackheads. The causes of acne can be genetic disposition or the negative effect of various influences such as hormones, UV light, gastrointestinal disorders and cosmetics. The inflammation can be located deep down in the pores and cause painful lumps, be slightly closer to the surface and cause nodules or be on the surface and cause pustules.

The effective treatment of acne is a combined effort involving the dermatologist, the patient and medically trained beauticians. The physician assumes the “pilot function” and prescribes the appropriate medication.
Acne patients should not use any greasy creams or try to squeeze their spots. Acne drainage and extraction should only be performed by a trained beautician. This manual acne therapy prepares the skin for the medication and improves its effectiveness.


  1. Types of endogenous eczema

  • Atopic dermatitis

  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis

  • Asteatotic eczema

  • Discoid eczema

  • Hand eczema

  • Gravitational/varicose eczema

  • Eczematous drug eruptions

  • Lichen simplex

As with any chronic inflammatory condition of the skin, time should be taken to develop a good relationship between the dermatologist and the patient, particularly in increasing understanding about the nature and course of the disease. Management should be based on a specific overall regimen, including bath additives, soap substitutes, emollients, and UVB Light Treatment.

A special allergy, especially food allergies testing procedure will take place in order to
evaluate trigger factors.
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