Fruit Acid Peeling

The fruit acid peeling is a medical aesthetic therapy to improve the outward appearance of your skin.

It is a medically reasonable and effective treatment for acne, impure and large-pored skin, ight induced pigment spots and age marks, as well as for toneless skin. 
Fruit acid peelings are the mildest forms of medical peelings and they are also suited for sensible skin. Fruit acids are generally obtained by crop products like grapes, apples, lemons, oranges and sugar cane. They result in a superficial, fine peeling of the skin. Thus the skin becomes perceptibly smoother, purer and finer. It appears fresher, younger and more regular. 

After the peeling, your skin might be reddened. For easing, the cosmetician performs a cooling and special care products will be applied. Even a light makeup can be applied on your demand, so you can pursue your habitual activities after the peeling.