Anti-Aging treatments

Soft lifting

More and more women who are bothered by a slackening of the face are on the search for a gentle solution without actual surgery. This is achieved by injection of hyaluronic acid into the deep dermis using a small needle which is gentle on the tissue. An immediate, natural looking, effect is visil right after lasting up to 48 months in certain cases, but at least 12 months in all other cases.

Lip volume

Lips are a center point of the human’s face.  Lip augmentation can therefore quite noticeably improve the appearance. The idea of lip augumentation is to inject a biodegradable filler based on hyaluronic acid on the inside of the lips and into the groove which separates the skin from the pink mucosa. This way we can easily correct and redefine the curvature, outline and size of the lips.

Photorejuvenation and spots

By using high-tech lights and lasers we at the Mirador Dermathology Center are able to erase pigmentation spots and regularize the seborrhea. The treatment is extremely fast and virtually pain-free. There is only a mild sensation of heat that can be felt as the light touches the skin.

Smoothing of wrinkles

Using a fractional laser, photorejuvenation has the possibility to treat prematurely aged or highly damaged skin. It is effective especially in treating wrinkles and the fine lines around the eyes and mouth while also refining skin texture. It also reduces pores and acne scarring and stimulates collagen production which leads to a firmer skin.

Skin rehydration

Due to exposure to sun, consumtion of tabacco, today’s airs pollution and many more factors the skin sometimes gets to a stage where it is looking tired and sallow. This is due to the reduced volume of intercellular water within the skin. This is where Mesotherapy comes in handy. It enables the rehydration of skin cells and deposits an antioxidant vitamin complex within the skin, which enables a preventive anti-ageing effect placing the active anti-ageing principles normally contained in your creams directly in the dermis.

Medical peelings

With skin peels, we eliminate the dead cells and even out the skin in order to refresh the whole skin texture and structure.  Using medical peelings, pigmentation spots can be removed and a healthy looking skin is achieved. With a wide range of skin peelings differing in their composition, we can reach different depths of skin and all the layers of the epidermis.

Wrinkles (vistabel)

Vistabel and biodegradable dermal fillers are used to erase expression lines, treat deep wrinkles, lip lines and other folds and wrinkles. The protein blocks small muscle receptors for 4-6 months depending on the injected dose, which enables us at the Mirador Derma Center to attenuate wrinkles without freezing facial expressions.

The injection itself is not painful, an effect is noticeable but not obvious after 3 days.

Fillers (hyaluronic acid)

In order to get rid of deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, worry lines, etc. we us hyaluronic acid and other biodegradable fillers, which are perfectly compatible with the skin and require no pre-testing. They are injected beneath the wrinkle at various depths. As you desire, we can do the injection with or without local anesthetic.

Botox (Botulinum Toxin)

Properly dosed Botox relaxes the treated area without looking like a mask, as for example, it can be the case after surgery lifting. The expression will be mostly retained and only the wrinkles are reduced.

In particular, this small but significant nuance of change is used for crows feet - If the face is in motion, they live on: at rest, they will disappear and the skin is smooth.

A harmonious and natural result. The face looks rested.

At the Mirador Derma Center, we do gentle Botox treatments, which are not obvious but give your face the right touch of youth!