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The Ockenfels Concept

The "Ockenfels Concept" is a luxurious type of medical treatment in a fantastic environment. Based on his years of experience in the Department of Dermatology, through the conduit of his own clinics in Hanau and Frankfurt, and his professorship at the prestigious University of Heidelberg and the use of advanced equipment and high-tech laser dermatology center Prof. Dr. Ockenfels offers medically and technically the best conditions for his patients at the Le Mirador Dermatology Center. Through the cooperation with partners in the region, these medical surroundings will be integrated in the 5 Star surroundings around Lake Geneva, offering the best possible treatment while connecting it with the best possible environment and to guarantee a luxurious first-class treatment. 

The new center just opened in Geneva at

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Best possible medical successes and recreation in pure luxury at a prime area is what Mirador concept offers! Enjoy your stay and get back home healthier and happier at once! 

The Medical Center by Prof. Dr. H.M. Ockenfels at Lake Geneva

Located in the center of Europe, Lake Geneva charms guests from around the world with a breathtaking panoramic view. This luxury resort is an oasis of peace surrounded by impressive scenic beauty. Another unique feature is the health-promoting Mediterranean climate at Lake Geneva. Abundant sunshine, low rainfall and warm temperatures characterize the summer, the mild winter invites you to linger. It is a true place to feel good.

Within these surroundings, there are two Ockenfels Concept Skin Centers, offering high class treatments to all their guests. 

Department of Dermatology, Allergology
and Medical Laser Therapy

In early 2014 the „Department of Dermatology, Allergology and Medical Laser Therapy“ was incorporated in the „Medical Center“ which has existed for many years in this beautiful natural landscape, while at the same time expanding the range of services provided at the Center. In 2015, a center in Geneva in cooperation with InCopore was initiated. For guests with special skin conditions, the renowned dermatologist Prof. Dr. Hans Michael Ockenfels‘s approach is to offer “healthy” holidays during their stay at the Mirador. While there are already numerous Medical Centers and Check-up Centers in hotels, the Mirador’s position is currently unique in the world - a „Department of Dermatology“ with the highest of medical standards in a 5-star luxury hotel and a 5-star clinic in Geneva.